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About QHHT

About QHHT

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This age-old question has been tormenting humanity for what seems an eternity. Without the answer, life can be anything from a minor struggle to an exercise in futility. But is discovering the answer a trial-and-error process?

Can you pass the ‘Life Test’?

20 seconds, One Question: 

What is the Purpose of my Life? 

 You Are Here For a REASON

 A QHHT® session may not only provide the answer to
the Life Test, but can promote your own spiritual, emotional,
and physical wellness, including appreciation of one’s physical issues, one’s purpose in life, or just to better understand
and experience our grand connectedness.

 For more information about how a QHHT® session is conducted, go to : Your Session



QHHT® was created and refined by Dolores Cannon during her 45-year career as a registered hypnotherapist.


She worked with thousands of clients from all over the world. Some may recognize the term ‘Past Life Regression’ . This is how Dolores started, with the exploration of past lives.   


What she developed is a profoundly powerful technique, which not only allows clients
to understand the relationship between the different types of consciousness that influence physical life on earth, but to gain a better understanding of the path their life has taken,
and most importantly, how to move forward in the best way possible.


Through hypnotic regression, a QHHT® practitioner will contact the client’s
Subconscious/ Higher Self and get answers to questions about their life purpose, work, family/other relationships, or health issues.


In regards to health issues, there are no guarantees,
but there are remarkable results reported by QHHT® clients.

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Looking outwards has got to be turned into looking into oneself. Discovering yourself provides you with all you are, were meant to be, and all you are living from and for.

Carl Jung

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Now, the only barrier between you
and the answers to all your questions
about your life’s purpose and to initiate
self-healing is to take the next step
and contact me
to arrange your own unique
® session.  

Scientific Research & Articles About Past Lives & Reincarnation

For more information about past lives and scientific research about reincarnation, I invite you to click on the link below to discover some of the finding conducted by Dr. Ian Stevenson at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. The article also includes a long list of references.

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