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What to Expect & Getting Ready

 If you are interested in exploring new horizons in your reality
through your own unique Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniquesm

 (QHHT®) session, this page explains how it is conducted
and what to expect.

What to Expect

A QHHT® session, as developed and taught by Dolores and Julia Cannon, is:


  • Strictly confidential

  • Conducted over 4 to 5 hours (sometimes longer)

  • Always done in person, never on the phone or through a web platform


Because each session is unique, you may visit one or more past lives
(or other experiences) in addition to receiving other, often profound,
personal messages, healing and understandings through
your Subconscious/Higher-self.

You will also receive an audio recording of your session.

Getting Ready

List of Questions

Before your scheduled session, it is important that you put together a List of Questions that you want answered by your Subconscious/Higher Self.


Depending on your personal situation, your list may be only questions about physical issues and health, or only about yourself and your life’s path,
or a combination of the two.


The Session

Background Discussion

When you arrive at my office, we’ll spend some time talking and getting to know each other. We will discuss your life path, from inception to today, and we’ll review your list of questions and your intent for your session.


We’ll talk about how easy it will be for you to enter this deep state of relaxation. We’ll discuss
how you will be able to let go and permit yourself to have this wonderful experience.


My objective is to carefully guide you into a very deep state of hypnosis (the ‘theta’ state) where we will be able to access that bigger part of you, the one that has the knowledge and information you need to answer your questions!


Once I have started the hypnosis induction, you’ll enter into a state of profoundly deep relaxation. This will last for two hours or a bit longer. This is the part of the session that is recorded. Although most clients report being somewhat awake and aware during the hypnosis, recalling what happened upon coming out of the regression, fades in varying degrees.


During this deep state of tranquility, I will guide you through one to three past lives or other experiences your soul has had. Some clients prefer to use the term ‘self-created scenarios’ in the place of ‘past lives.’


Regardless, your Higher Self will take you, with great care, to the place where your questions or concerns began. Once you know the origin of something, you’re in a better position to understand, appreciate, heal, and move on with your life.


After this initial exploration, I will call forth your Subconscious/Higher Self to answer your list of questions and to scan the body to detect physical issues. These issues can be healed and repaired. Some issues will be known and some may be new.


Permitting your Subconscious/Higher Self, to express itself purely through your spoken word is both beautiful and amazing.


At the end of the regression, I will carefully guide you back to a conscious state by counting you
up. Then we will discuss what happened and what you recall.​

Post Session

You may start experiencing your Subconscious/Higher Self more and more in your daily life.
You may sense you are receiving ‘messages’ to do something, or not. We may call this our
intuition or gut feeling.


Our Higher Self often speaks to us, but the messages aren’t often acknowledged. We have all experienced moments of extreme clarity; our statements and actions are the most appropriate
for the situation.


Some clients will discover that by relaxing and concentrating they are able to maintain this connection to their Higher Self. They learn to go into the theta state in their quiet time, through meditation or deep relaxation.

More Detailed Information

For additional and more detailed information about how to prepare for your session, I invite you to open and download this                      document

If you haven't yet booked your appointment  ....

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